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680 Economy Wrist and Footwear Tester

Personal Wrist and Footwear Tester

Basic Audit Station for Small Companies

The 680 Economy Wrist and Footwear Tester is a good alternative for companies seeking a personal auditing station but do not need to save data. This simple meter will indicate resistance with a “high”, “low” or “pass” signal when testing wrist and heel straps separately.

This basic testing station is advantageous for small companies using stricter ESDA guidelines which require grounding strap systems to test lower than 3.5 x 10e7 ohms.

This standard test station is as simple as plugging in the wrist strap or stepping on the footplate and pressing the button. The green “OK” LED will illuminate for a pass and one of the red LEDs will illuminate for a failure. Red lights will signify whether an employee tested too high or too low.

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