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450:  Digital Static Locator  $840.00

450 Digital Static Locator

Ionized Environment Electrostatic Locator

Measure static accurately in ionized environments

The 450 Digital Static Locator is ideal for determining the source of electrostatic charges in areas where static is of concern, particularly in ionized environments. Unlike other field meters, the chopper-stabilized circuitry of the ACL 450 is immune to interference caused by ionizers.

This handheld field meter can be used to perform static surveys and evaluate charge accumulation in electronic manufacturing and in industrial operations such as converting, printing, packaging, and plastics processing. The meter’s ability to make consistent and accurate measurements makes it perfect to use in electronic component production and assembly areas, textiles, packaging, engineering labs, and printing. The auto-zeroing and HOLD button features add to the ease of use.

A pulsing beam allows for precise measurements at a 1” distance in the voltage range of ± 19.99 kV. The meter can gauge higher voltages at farther distances. For long-term monitoring, the 2.5 mm monaural output jack provides easy interfacing with a recorder, oscilloscope, or analog automated data acquisition system. A charged plate adapter is available for testing ionizing systems

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