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380: Surface Resistivity Meter  $420.00

380 Surface Resistivity Meter

The 380 Surface Resistivity Meter is a lightweight tester for measuring surface resistivity in ohms per square according to parallel resistivity probe method ASTM D257.

Easy to use, this meter shows values through an LED scale that is coded with colors to signify conductive, dissipative, and insulative. There is also a colored “warning” stage to signal to the auditor that the material is at the higher end of the dissipative range and is close to being out of specification. Half decades provide greater accuracy by giving a closer indication to the measurement value.

The 380 Surface Resistivity Meter is designed to be used in all facets of material production including engineering, maintenance, quality control, incoming inspection, manufacturing, research, and sales departments for the testing of antistatic mats, floor finishes, paints, wrist straps, smocks, footwear, bags and containers.

The 380 Surface Resistivity Meter and the 381 Accessory Kit combine to make a dependable audit kit for conductive and dissipative surfaces. It is suitable for point-to-point (RTT) and resistance-to-ground (RTG) tests.

When the 5-lb probes are used, this audit kit will comply with IEC 61340- 4-1, ANSI/ESDA S4.1 & ANSI/ESDA S7.1.

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