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Alphaboost™ Static Control System (ABS)

The Alphaboost™ Static Control System (ABS) for analytical balances represents the first departure from conventional static control technology in the last 25 years. Using the unique properties of the Staticmaster® 2U500 ionizing cartridge and a small deflective voltage from the controller, the ABS completely fills the draft shield enclosures with static eliminating ionized air molecules.

Unlike corona style ionizers offered on some precision weighing equipment, Alphaboost™ does not generate Nano-particles, does not accumulate airborne molecular contamination, does not have emitter points to erode and does not require frequent cleaning or re-balancing.

Alphaboost™ is ideal for use in critical weighing application where precise measurement (in the sub0milligram range) is essential.

The base kit comes complete with one 2U500 Staticmaster® ionizing cartridge, one BF3 EZ mount, one head and one controller preset for ease of setup and use.


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