Staticmaster Ionizers

The only self powered static eliminator available today.  The small profile Staticmaster ionizers are an ideal solution for analytical balance precision weighing.  They are inherently balanced to zero volts – ensuring thorough static removal every time.

StaticMaster Anti-Static Brushes

Clean negatives, transparencies, plates, optical lenses, and even unexposed film. Also effective for phonograph records, viewing screens, camera backs, etc. One quick easy operation removes particulate and neutralizes static electricity.

StaticMaster Ionizer Grounding Kit

Significantly enhances the static eliminating power of the 1U200, 1U400 and 2U500 ionizing cartridges.

StaticMaster I-Beam Stand Ionizer Kit

This vertically mounted bar ionizer is utilized outside of the weigh chamber as a shockless electrical static eliminator.

StaticMaster E-Z 2U500 Mount System

An indispensable accessory for mounting a 1U200, 1U400 or 2U500 cartridge in the balance chamber.


A small platform ionizer ideally suited to remove static charge from irregularly shaped objects prior to weighing.

StaticMaster Positioners (for Ionizers)

StaticMaster positioners hold either one or two of the 2U500 Ionizers so workers can operate with hands free. Passing filter papers or other specimens will remove any charge that may be present and affect the precise measurement of its weight.