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Product Numbers:

4100-1:   Restorer/Cleaner, 4 – 1 gallon bottles

4100-5:   Restorer/Cleaner, 5 gallon pail

4100-2:   Restorer/Cleaner, 54 gallon drum

Staticide Restorer Cleaner

You invest substantial manpower to strip and finish your hard floors. The last thing you want is to repeat this process as your floors lose gloss, show wear and exhibit increased resistivity readings. Standard cleaners might help, but only at the risk of affecting your ESD sensitive areas.

Not only does Restorer/Cleaner renew the gloss, it contains a special conductive residue that breaks down electrical discharge, lowers resistivity and returns your floors to safe and proper specifications. Special conductive additives clean while simultaneously breaking down electrical discharge and return floor finishes to safe specifications. Contains no harmful chemicals like ammonia, phosphates, alkali, nonylphenol (NP), or nonylphenol ethoxylate (NPE) are used in the formulation.

Staticide Restorer/Cleaner is designed especially for clean rooms, electronic production and assembly areas, compter rooms, hospital operating rooms and any othe areas sensitive to electrostatic discharge. It is also an effective cleaner on any sealed or hard floor surface, including sealed concrete, marble, wood, terrazzo, solid vinyl, viny asbestos and asphalt tile.

Staticide Restorer/Cleaner offers these important qualities:

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