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Product Numbers:

4010-1:   Acrylic Stripper, 4 – 1 gallon bottles

4010-5:   Acrylic Stripper, 5 gallon pail

4010-2 :  Acrylic Stripper, 54 gallon drum

Staticide Anti-Static Floor Stripper

Staticide® Anti-Static Floor Stripper removes multiple coats of wax and synthetic floor finishes quickly and efficiently while lifting embedded dirt from the floor. This special formula emulsifies dirt and residual particles of old wax so that preparation is quick and easy. Floors are left with a surface that is completely clean and ready for the application of any acrylic-based floor finish like 4600 Staticide® Ultra.

Effective in hard or soft water, this biodegradable, low-foaming formula removes multiple coats of synthetic floor finishes and embedded dirt without damaging or dulling floors. When used at proper dilutions, stripper is balanced so that neutral cleaning is not necessary. This low odor, solvent-safe surfactant solution is less corrosive than other commercial strippers and is formulated without the use of environmental pollutants that are common in cleaners and strippers. It is safe to use on a variety of surfaces including linoleum, vinyl tiles, and concrete.

Staticide® Anti-Static Floor Stripper will not damage or dull flooring when used according manufacturer’s recommendations.

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