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Product Numbers:

70LA:  Latex (pink)

80LA:  Latex (black)

90NI:  Nitrite (white)

100NI:  Nitrite (blue)

Prices start at $60 per case.

Staticide ESD Finger Cots

ACL’s ESD Finger Cots are available in both Latex and Nitrile for those with latex-allergy issues. ESD finger cots provide protection against skin and oil contamination.

Latex ESD Finger Cots:
While anti-static pink latex is commonly recognized for being effective in eliminating contamination risks, black latex offers added security for those specifying mid-range static dissipation. Washed and powder-free, the inherent elasticity of latex allows for a comfortable, flexible fit. See Latex ESD Finger Cot data sheet for more details.

Nitrile ESD Finger Cots:
Since nitrile is resistant to many chemicals, it will not dissolve under chemical contact. The inherently anti-static nature of nitrile also offers natural static control without carbon shedding. For EPAs where cleanliness is a concern, blue does not expose as much handling soils. For companies using both non-ESD and ESD finger cots, ACL offers white finger cots to differentiate finger cots with static protection. See Nitrile ESD Finger Cot data sheet for more details.


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