StaticMaster Anti-Static Brushes

Clean negatives, transparencies, plates, optical lenses, and even unexposed film. Also effective for phonograph records, viewing screens, camera backs, etc. One quick easy operation removes particulate and neutralizes static electricity. Ionizing cartridges should be replaced after 18 months.

StaticMaster Positioners (for Ionizers)

StaticMaster positioners hold either one or two of the 2U500 Ionizers so workers can operate with hands free. Flexible arms provide maximum maneuverability. Passing filter papers or other specimens between the two ionizers will remove any charge that may be present and affect the precise measurement of its weight.

StaticMaster Ionizers

StaticMaster Ionizers are ideal where static electricity in instruments interferes with accurate measurement or handling. Compact and lightweight. Ionizers should be replaced annually.