Today’s print customers demand high quality printed material at competitive prices. Dust, contamination, and print defects are critical problems in the printing industry. Machine operator and equipment safety are top priority for printers and binders and they need solutions that safely integrate into their process. Amstat recognizes these needs and has designed static control products, cleaning systems and static bonding equipment that guarantees that your customers will get higher quality printed materials. With this, your production costs are lowered and throughput increased, further enhancing our commitment to offering our customers valuable electrostatic solutions.
• Digital Printing
• Sheet fed Printing
• Winding

Below are recommended products for printing applications. Please call so we can help in determining the best product for your application.

P-2001 Nuclestat Ionizer

The Nuclestat™ ionizer is the workhorse of the series, delivering ionization right where it is needed, producing a uniform balanced ionization along its active length.

P2021 Nuclecel End of Line Ionizer

Used to blow off static-held dust & contaminants and prevent their re-attraction, or as a sheet separator on a printing press. Can be used with compressed air or nitrogen.