General Mfg

Ionizers eliminate static created as products move along conveyor lines and during other general manufacturing applications.

Below are recommended products for general manufacturing applications. Please call so we can help in determining the best product for your application.

Phoenix Static Elimination Blower

The Phoenix Static Elimination Blower provides optimum extended range static elimination for a wide variety of industrial applications.

P-2001 Nuclestat Ionizer

The Nuclestatâ„¢ ionizer is the workhorse of the series, delivering ionization right where it is needed, producing a uniform balanced ionization along its active length.

P2021 Nuclecel End of Line Ionizer

Used to blow off static-held dust & contaminants and prevent their re-attraction, or as a sheet separator on a printing press. Can be used with compressed air or nitrogen.

Ionmaster 4065 Ionizing Blower

The IonMaster, model 4065, is a mid-range bench top ionizer designed for wide area coverage. This versatile blower utilizes a proprietary Alpha ionizing technology in a new “Quick Change” ionizer design.