IPA Cleaning Wipes

Presaturated general purpose cleaning wipes are a perfect choice for all general cleaning applications where removing contaminants are of concern.

Plastic and Glass Cleaner

This foaming, non-streaking, static-neutralizing cleaner will not generate static even while using. Safe to use on plastics.

Turbo Blast Duster

The high-performance, high-pressure duster that cleans electronics without scratching delicate surfaces.

ESD Inspection Gloves

ESD inspection gloves are designed to be worn when handling ESD susceptible items. They are made with a dissipative nylon to reduce charge generation.

Mat and Table Top Cleaner

Mat & Table Top Cleaner is a multi-purpose neutral cleaner that is designed for production areas including static control stations.

Air Dispersion Nozzle

The Air Dispersion Nozzle fits the P2031 Nuclecel to spread air into a 60-degree flat spray pattern.

Air Filter

Our Air Filter attaches to ionizing cells and guns for “last chance” collection of small amounts of oil, water, rust flakes, etc. from air lines.

AA Die Soap

Our Die Soap is a general purpose compound for easy cleaning of dies, screws, barrels and other machine parts.

Conductive Heel Straps

When used with conductive floor mats, Conductive Heel Straps drain static charges off personnel while permitting full freedom of movement.

Conductive Wristbands

Conductive Wristbands are durable and lightweight to comfortably ground static charges on personnel instantly. One-size-fits-all adjustable elastic wristband with cam buckle closure.

Brass Scrapers

Brass Scrapers are used in hazardous environments, are non-sparking, non-corrosive, non-magnetic and have solid spring tempered brass blades with plastic handles.

Staticide Microfiber Cloth

Great for Lenses, Computer Screens, Microscopes
This cloth can eliminate the need for harmful cleaners and disposable wipes. This material naturally attracts dust and can withstand multiple machine washings.

Heavy Duty Lint-Free Wipes

Ideal for a wide range of purposes from every day cleaning to ESD-safe environments.  The LF50 wipes offers low linting, superior absorbency and exceptional durability.

Staticide Static Dissipative Wastebasket

The Static Dissipative Wastebasket is ideal for clean rooms, manufacturing, inspection, quality control and research industries where static control is crucial.

Staticide Hi-Tech Hand Lotion

Staticide® Hi Tech Hand Lotion's static dissipative formula moisturizes the skin for better bonding between the skin and wrist strap which is imperative in the electronics manufacturing industry.