ESD Control

Staticide ESD Finger Cots

ESD finger cots provide protection against skin and oil contamination. Available in Latex and Nitrile.

ESD Inspection Gloves

ESD inspection gloves are designed to be worn when handling ESD susceptible items. They are made with a dissipative nylon to reduce charge generation.

Conductive Heel Straps

When used with conductive floor mats, Conductive Heel Straps drain static charges off personnel while permitting full freedom of movement.

Conductive Wristbands

Conductive Wristbands are durable and lightweight to comfortably ground static charges on personnel instantly. One-size-fits-all adjustable elastic wristband with cam buckle closure.

Staticide Static Dissipative Wastebasket

The Static Dissipative Wastebasket is ideal for clean rooms, manufacturing, inspection, quality control and research industries where static control is crucial.

Staticide Hi-Tech Hand Lotion

Staticide® Hi Tech Hand Lotion's static dissipative formula moisturizes the skin for better bonding between the skin and wrist strap which is imperative in the electronics manufacturing industry.