H/E & T High Performance Ionizing Hot Nozzle

Ionizing Nozzles are highly efficient blow off devices with 18” NPT air fittings for use with 15 to 100 psi of clean dry compressed air or nitrogen.

Power Supplies/Power Paks

Most Power Paks have 6' primary cord. 230V versions available. Most Power Paks have two terminals. If more than two devices are to be operated from one Power Pak, a 4-outlet Multiple Connection Block is available.

HE Current-Limited Static Control Nozzle

HE Static Control Nozzles are a current-limited pinpoint ionizing air source, which ensures operator and equipment safety. Ideal for preventing double pickup at the feed pile on sheet-fed presses.

HS Shockless Static Control Nozzle

HS Static Control Nozzles are “shockless” nozzles. The term shockless indicates that the ionizing point, located inside the nozzle tip, is capacitively coupled to the high voltage source, thus limiting the current at the point to a very low level.