Aerostat PC Ionizing Blower

The Aerostat PC Ionizing Blower neutralizes static charges at distances from 6″ to 3′ and maintains an ion balance of ±5 volts. Variable fan speed from 35 CFM to 70 CFM.

Auto-Balanced Ionizing Blower

These electrical ionizing blowers utilize auto-balancing technology making them suitable for a variety of applications.

IVSE 5000 Static Control Blower

The I-VSE 5000 eliminates static from areas up to 80 square feet (7.4 square meters). The I-VSE 5000 features a patented passive ionization circuit which maintains ion balance.

Phoenix Static Elimination Blower

The Phoenix Static Elimination Blower provides optimum extended range static elimination for a wide variety of industrial applications.

6210 Sentinel Benchtop Ionizing Blower

The model 6210 Sentinel is a compact, light-weight ionizing blower that can be used on a benchtop or mounted to a wall or shelf. This unit offers Steady-State DC ionization and low offset voltage.

6200 HOB AC Blower

The model 6200 HOB is a high output, powered, AC blower designed for large area coverage. It has a visible indicator light to show when the unit is in operation and variable speed control.