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AM15FM83X3 TileStat 3′ x 3′ conductive tile  $110.00 each

AM15FM8RF Side ramp for female edge $30.00 each

AM15FM8RM Side ramp for male edge $30.00 each

TileStat ESD Anti-Fatigue tiles

TileSTAT ESD anti-fatigue mats are a heavy duty, durable safety mat constructed of conductive nitrile rubber for use in even the harshest environments. TileSTAT ESD mats feature a solid pebble embossed surface for improved traction, making this a good choice as a safety mat. The 3ft x 3ft interlocking mats fit together like a puzzle to create custom ESD workstations or complete room systems. The ESD mats can be quickly dismantled to make moving and cleaning easy. Optional beveled borders can be added to the mats.

TileStat ESD Mat Data Sheet

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