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Product Numbers:

ACL8090:  Ground Cord, Low Profile 10′                 $12

ACL8091:  Ground Cord, Common Point 10′           $12


Roll Sizes:    .060” thickness    .100” thickness

24″ x 40′           $308                          $464

30″ x 40′           $386                          $582

36″ x 40′           $464                          $700


Pre Cut Sizes:

24” x 36”           $31                            $49

24” x 48”           $40                            $61

24” x 60”           $48                            $75

24” x 72”           $57                            $95

30” x 60”           $58                            $95

30” x 72”           $73                            $123

36” x 60”           $68                            $113

36” x 72”           $79                            $144

Homogeneous Pre-cut ESD Mats

Static Dissipative Homogenous Material Mat (ESD mat)

The SpecMat-H homogeneous material is a single-layer, ESD-safe
thermoplastic vinyl made for bench tops. Without adding cost, the
extruded manufacturing process used to produce this high-performance
vinyl utilizes superior plasticizers and lower-outgassing
solvents, unlike ESD vinyl made by cast coating.

The proprietary polymers used to manufacture this material are
homogeneously dispersed with a migratory anti-static formula that
allows for both surface and volume resistance. By design, anti-static
properties cannot be worn away through wear or outgassing.
Resistant to solder, heat, and most common solvents, SpecMat-H
is an economical choice for static- sensitive production areas in
electronics manufacturing and laboratories. Tray mats can be custom-
cut with a sharp blade. Scraps can be recycled.

Blended with hydrophilic molecules to control the speed of dissipation,
the ESD-Homogeneous material will deliver a typical resistance-
to-ground measurement of 108 -109 ohms per ANSI/ESD S4.1.
ESD-Homogeneous material complies with industry standards
including EN 61340-5-1: Protection of Electronic Devices from Electrostatic
Phenomena and ANSI ESD S20.20: Protection of Electrical
and Electronic Parts, Assemblies and Equipment.

Available in light blue.

Contact us for information and to order.

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