Product Numbers:

ACL8090: Ground Cord, Low Profile 10′

ACL8091: Ground Cord, Common Point 10′

Roll Sizes:

24″ x 50′

30″ x 50′

36″ x 50′

Pre Cut Sizes:

24” x 36”

24” x 48”

24” x 60”

24″ x 72”

30” x 60”

30” x 72”

36” x 60”

36” x 72”


Gemini – ESD Mat

Static Dissipative Work Surface Material

The Gemini ESD Mat is a dual-layer, static dissipative, polymer-based
material made for bench tops and other grounded workbench surfaces.
Polymers used in this material are homogeneously dispersed
with an anti-static formula, leaving a permanent surface and volume
resistance that will conform to the most stringent ESD requirements.
With a dissipative upper layer and a conductive base, this material is
as durable as rigid laminates, and as comfortable and appealing as
rubber. It is suitable for use with constant monitor systems.

The extrusion process used in manufacturing allows for low outgassing
and high durability. Layers are laminated during the molten
stage of manufacturing to ensure a successful bond and long life.
The electrical properties will not wear away or exudate.

The Gemini ESD Mat will deliver a typical resistance-to-ground measurement
of 10e6 -10e8 ohms per ANSI/ESDA S4.1. This material
complies with industry standards including EN 61340-5-1: Protection
of Electronic Devices from Electrostatic Phenomena and ANSI / ESDA
S20.20: Protection of Electrical and Electronic Parts, Assemblies and

Gemini ESD Mats are available in 2 colors:

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