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Product Numbers:

P-2031-1000:   Nuclecel In-Line Ionizer, Aluminum Housing, $398 Annual Lease Charge.

P-2031-2000:  316 Stainless Steel Housing, $515 Annual Lease Charge.

P2031 Nuclecel End of Line Ionizer

The model P-2031 is designed to deliver high volumes of ionized compressed gases at low pressure. Similar to the P-2021, it is easily installed on any clean, dry compressed air or inert gas line. As the compressed gas passes through the device, it is ionized and does not require a specific distance from the affected surface to achieve proper ion intermix.

The P-2031 always produces a balanced ion output down to zero volts. The P-2031 is ideally suited for removing static charges in storage containers and hoppers, such as those used in the recycling of plastic scrap or pelletizers where a large area of coverage is required.

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