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Envetron Carbon Fiber Brushes:

  • SE1345H: $6.00 per inch

Envetron Carbon Fiber Brushes

Carbon Fiber Brushes (anti-static brushes) are highly efficient industrial static eliminators that can be used as contact or non-contact devices.

The processing of webs of many material tends to create static charges on their surfaces.  These charges attract dust and particulate contamination, causing handling problems and can even shock operators.  Depending on the magnitude of the charge, these problems can be reduced or eliminated by grounding the material through carbon fibers or by using the carbon fibers to ionize the air immediately above or below the web, without contacting it.

The 0.0003″ diameter soft, non-scratching bristles are held in a rigid aluminum housing with mounting holes at each end.

Brush trim is 5/8″.

Lengths available in one inch increments from 4″ to 100″.

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