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Product Numbers:

4060:  $330 each

Uses 4060R-400 ionizers: $180 each


Staticmaster Ionizing Fan 4060

The Staticmaster Ionizing Fan Model 4060 is ideal for use where a compact, lightweight and highly reliable source of ions is needed for static control.

Designed to remove static charges that can’t be controlled by conductive grounding materials, this Ionizing Fan delivers an even, gentle flow of balanced, ionized air. These air ions are kept in continuous balance by the unit’s internal alpha-energy source.

The Model 4060 will not interfere with microprocessor-based controls or static-sensitive electronic components and requires no calibration.

The Ionizing Fan Model 4060 has an adjustable arm attachment (Model ARM-002) so it can be positioned and locked for optimal use. When using the Model 4060, the ideal neutralization time for the target is when it’s placed 12” to 48” directly in front of the ionizing fan and increases as the distance increases.

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