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Product Numbers:

4064 (powder coated): $295 each

4064SS (stainless steel): $295 each


Staticmaster Cleanroom Fan

The Staticmaster Cleanroom fan is used to create airflow through the Nuclecel model P-2063 ion cell. This system is highly  effective in eliminating static charge on parts and components, delivering a high volume of ionized air to neutralize static charge.

This dual-speed benchtop ionizing fan is offered in two finishes: powder coated (Model 4064) and stainless steel (Model 4064ss). It’s compact and easily adjustable and can fit on most workbenches. It can also be attached to any surface and mounted in any orientation by securing the base to a rigid support.

When using the benchtop ionizing fan, the ideal neutralization time for the target is when it’s placed 12” to 48” directly in front of the ionizing fan and increases as the distance increases.

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