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Phoenix:  Ionizing Blower  $1366

5050369:  Portable Floor Stand  $446

4100642:  Replacement Filters, 20-pack  $84


Phoenix Static Elimination Blower

The Phoenix Static Elimination Blower provides optimum extended range static elimination for a wide variety of industrial applications. Designed to efficiently cover a wide area with an electrically balanced ion stream, the Phoenix is powerful, portable, and equipped with a status light to indicate that ionization is present at the emitter points. The high voltage power supply which energizes the Phoenix Static Elimination Blower’s static eliminating system is built into the blower’s housing, making it easy to install and move. A variable fan speed control makes it easy to meet specific application requirements. The Phoenix Static Elimination Blower can lightly clean and neutralize charges on surfaces up to 10′ away. In addition, the unit features a patented built-in emitter point cleaner which makes it easy to maintain the unit at optimum efficiency. UL and CUL approved.

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