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Product Numbers:

Model 4065:  Ionmaster Ionizing Blower, $275 each.

Model P-2060:  Ionizing Cartridge, $388 Annual Lease Charge.

Ionmaster 4065 Ionizing Blower

The Ionmaster 4065 is a high output fan ionizer. When used in combination with the P-2060 ionizing cartridge, the model 4065 is ideally suited for electronics applications, where a wide area of coverage is desired. Our unique technology eliminates the need for constant recalibration normally associated with other types of ionizing technologies.

The model 4065 ionizing blower utilizes our proprietary alpha ionizing technology to produce balanced static control down to zero volts. The model 4065 incorporates our new “Quick Change“ ionizer design. Its large diameter opening allows for high air volume to pass through the ionizer.

Devices made to order to ensure our customer get the longest use possible. 

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