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Model P-2001-I:  Linear Alpha Ionizer


P-2001-I Linear Alpha Ionizer

Linear alpha ionizers are ideally suited for web type applications as well as in flammable or explosive environments where electrical ionizers are not suitable. The Model P 2001-I adds stainless steel induction brushes to increase ionizing efficiency when used with high-speed webs. The Model P 2001-AC adds an air curtain that allows the bar to be placed further from the application or when the removal of dust and debris is required.

This model is designed for maximum reduction of high statics levels of charge. The P-2001-I induction bar is a powerful ionizer, able to take on the toughest challenges. In applications where static levels exceed 3000 volts, the P-2001-I features stainless steel induction brushes uniformly spaced along its length. This dual mode of ionization allows for increased web speeds, lower static  levels and a safer work environment.

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